kitchen-allenA kitchen is truly the ‘hotspot’ of any home. Not only is it a congregating spot for your family and friends, it’s a focal point for home buyers. Well-conceived kitchen remodels that emphasize timeless style versus the latest kitchen fashions, along with a logical layout and well-placed equipment, are more likely to give you a return-on-investment at sale time. A kitchen update, versus remodel can accomplish a budget-friendly transformation. An update can be as simple as replacing fixtures, painting cabinets and adding a backsplash. The other end of the scale is a remodel, complete with new cabinets and appliances, a revised floor plan and replacing counter tops.


bathrooms-cecciBathroom renovations are among the top investments homeowners make that don’t break the bank. Balancing budget with style and function will go a long way to improve your quality of life as well as increase the value of your home. The basic elements of most bathrooms are the same – tub/shower, tile, toilet, sink, mirror and lighting. Replacing one of all of these elements can transform an otherwise dated space. While the room may be small, when embarking on a bathroom update or complete renovation, it’s quality and attention to detail that counts.


interiors-pacansWhether you are looking to change the look of one room or a whole house, there’s a good chance you have a style in mind. Painting, upgrading baseboard or adding crown molding, making a pass-through or enlarging a room – all of these interior renovations can help you achieve your goal of openness, warmth or modern sophistication. Confused about where to start? Begin with one element that’s important to you and let it serve as a roadmap for the other decisions you will make.


exteriors-alvarezThe stylistic depreciation that occurs on the inside of your home is slower to impact your home’s exterior. From a door or window replacement to soffit and fascia repair and paint, caring for the outside of your home is every bit as important as the inside. Improve your curb side appeal with new stairs, an updated garage door, a new porch or a change of color. More important than visual appeal is making exterior safety issues a priority – rotting deck wood, trip hazards, unsecured railings, non-working electrical outlets, and mold on walkways.


tile2Decorative tile projects such as backsplashes, mosaics, shower and tub surrounds add a distinctive flair to your home. Projects like these can be stand-alone or done in concert with a complete renovation. It makes sense to select a quality tile or stone, but even more important is the quality of the installation. Nothing stands out more than a beautiful tile that is improperly installed. Saving money on installation will devalue the care and effort you have invested in selection. There are thousands of decorative materials in the market today. One timeless selection is using natural stone such as Travertine, Marble, Shell Stone and Quartzite – a neutral tone in stone never goes out of style.


painting-lundbergPaint can change the look of your home inside and out and is a great way of not only protecting your investment but also giving it an updated look. Preparation before paint is key to a quality job – surfaces cleaned of debris and patched so paint can properly adhere. Even the best paint applied improperly can look inexpensive and unprofessional. Most homeowners get so caught up in selecting color, they pay little attention to the application process. You would be wise to focus on both.

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