Lynn Kohler, MA, MPM,  grew up in the Pacific Northwest where she got her first taste of working with her hands helping her Dad tinker with cars in the garage. Her designated role was ‘light holder’ and ‘parts washer’ but she graduated to bigger things when she got her first car – a 1965 Mustang. Lynn has always loved just about anything on wheels and still does, and while a house can’t really move it can represent the same freedom as vehicles, because it can evolve into a place that is both personal and inspiring.

Lynn bought her first house in 1993 in Las Vegas, Nevada and her delight for home projects was born. From wall paper and painting, to hanging curtains and building an entertainment center she did what she could for her level of experience.  Since that time she has owned four other homes, including a custom designed home outside of Austin, Texas for which she was fortunate to have hired an outstanding contractor.

For Lynn it is about change and watching the transformation of a residence from old to new again.  Working with homeowners who love where they live is what drives her to work with her hands and to make sure they can watch (and be a part of) the process without stress and with full confidence that the final product will be an exceptional transformative setting for living.



Lisa Demmi, BSTM, MBA is the VP of Marketing and Operations at KohlerHaus LLC and most recently was the Chief Communications Scientist at Lab3 Marketing,  an award winning marketing agency located in Tampa, FL. She is the former Founder of and Chief Creative Thinker at Cake Marketing Mechanics. A self-proclaimed marketer from birth (ask her parents), Demmi brings to the table 20+ years of experience in Marketing and Business Development. As Chief Communications Scientist and an experienced speaker, she is responsible for crafting marketing content for effective delivery of the Lab3 brand and marketing message. Demmi has always been a huge Social Media fan and still fondly remembers her first “Tweet.” Her specific strengths are creating specialized and custom campaigns for clients as well as forging strong business relationships. Social Media is the place she excels and clients like the Tampa Bay Technology Forum, Give Day Tampa Bay and Craig Latimer, Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections have benefitted from her efforts.


Gus, BCA (Bachelor of Canine Activity), MC (Master in Cute) traveled all over the South East until he landed in the Tampa Bay area. He has been a house dog, yard dog, shop dog, marketing dog and now he is the VP in charge of Customer Experience and Quality Control. If you have had the pleasure of having Gus on your project, you’ll know he is a task master and expects the highest of quality on every job. Occasionally, he likes to test out couches, porches and favorite chairs in between checking on project updates, of course.






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